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Tom Selleck - Biography on Bio.

As young man, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Thomas William Selleck had . than 50 television commercials, the first of which was a Pepsi-Cola ad where he .

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tom selleck His career in acting started with commercials. He accepted an assignment to appear in a Pepsi-Cola commercial that called for a basketball player.

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Tom Selleck Biography - Yahoo! Movies

Get the complete biography of Tom Selleck on Yahoo! . With the encouragement of the teacher, Selleck began auditioning for commercials, which he continued .

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Tom Selleck Photos | Who is Tom Selleck dating? Girlfriend, Wife

. relationship list. Tom Selleck dating history, 2013, 2012, list of Tom Selleck relationships. . I first noticed Tom in a TV commercial I think for toothpaste. Anyone .

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Digs Up Old Safeguard Commercial Starring Tom ... - Huffington Post

Oct 2, 2012 . Before Tom Selleck became a TV star known for "Magnum P.I." and . Selleck dabbled in other TV commercials during the early days of his .

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Tom Selleck - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Selleck's first TV appearance was as a college senior on . Soon after, he appeared in commercials for products .

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Tom Selleck On "Thin Ice" - CBS News

Mar 1, 2009 . CBS Sunday Morning: Tom Selleck On "Thin Ice" - The Star Returns For . California, he decided to try acting, but at first it was tough going …

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Tom Selleck Bio Biography | Tom Selleck photos pics pictures

Tom Selleck information: Biography, Picture, TV Appearances, Trivia, Quotes, News . in a few television commercials, and his show business career was born. Selleck started out in smaller roles, and soon had a recurring role on the show, .

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Pre-Magnum PI Commercials Featuring Tom Selleck | The Retroist

Apr 10, 2013 . Pre-Magnum PI Commercials Featuring Tom Selleck . Before he hit it big with as a TV and movie star, Tom Selleck was a successful commercial actor and . I had one come down on the back of my neck in my early teens.

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Backstage: Tom Selleck's Embarrassing Career Moment

Aired on: July 23, 2009, February 27, 2009. After the show, Tom Selleck talks about a very embarrassing commercial he worked on early in his career.

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What Was Tom Selleck's First Film and What Role Did Tom Selleck ...

The story goes that Mae West spotted Tom Selleck in a Pepsi commercial. . Get Their Name and When Did the Sesame Street Characters First Appear On TV?

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Tom Selleck Biography (Actor) |

Biography of Tom Selleck, Magnum, P.I. on the TV show Magnum, P.I.. . His first film role was a bit part in Myra Breckenridge (1970), and he appeared in TV commercials and various small TV and movie roles until hitting it big with Magnum in .

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Enterprise Commercial Tom Selleck in feeds - Feedreader Lookup

Updates related to Enterprise Commercial Tom Selleck: . ONE OF THE FIRST ACTING JOBS THAT TOM SELLECK DID WAS A SAFEGUARD SOAP AD.

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Tom Selleck (Thomas Magnum - Magnum P.I.)

Jun 14, 2003 . Tom Selleck - Magnum, p.i. page with pictures and info on the tv series, . Stepson: Kevin, born 1966; son from Selleck's first wife's previous marriage . worked in commercials and appeared as a guest star on television with .

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Tom Selleck Movies - Blockbuster

Your online source for Tom Selleck movies, biography and filmography. . '70s, Selleck had small roles in a few feature films, worked in commercials and . never brought to justice, Stone soon uncovers a crucial piece of evidence that went .

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National TV Reviews -

It's been a while -- 29 TV seasons -- since Tom Selleck first cavorted in a red Ferrari . Selleck, now 64, has found a new TV franchise in his semi-autumn years. . The commercials had their moments, too, although some of the better ones .

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